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Arms Race Escalation, Part LMCXXVIII
Because sure, we've blown through enough TEN YEARS MAN anniversaries to bury Jeremy Piven alive—but trawling the Honey White nostalgia for 2003 will have to wait, because Bryn and I have new gear to show off:

Bryn: Octave mandolin. Or Irish bouzouki. Battle axe headstock makes it more of a Viking bouzouki, perhaps. This was from an open mic night last week at Stillwater in Dana Point.

Me: Fender Jaguar bass. Not pictured: abalone pickguard (in transit, allegedly). Acquired this axe from Instrumental last week. Venue is...uh...my kitchen.
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Throwback Thursday (Mojo Wire Edition)
Trawling pre-professional "design" work for the Mojo Wire & discovered this monstrosity, circa 1999. Throwback Thursday indeed. Note ill-advised late-'90s facial hair on 3/4 of the band. Yikes:


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Ten YEARS Man! (Multiple Gigs Edition)
Just a quickie here for collecting some notable Honey White gig anniversaries from the first half of 2003:

On January 30, Honey White played our longest set ever (22 songs), at the UCSB University Center. This show was also filmed for webcast. Note the genius of wearing black shirts against a black background. 3/4 of the band did this. The one guy who didn't now has a PhD. Not a coincidence.

On April 22, we appeared on local S.B. TV's "Musical Café" show. They tested a new mixing board on us, so we looked better than we sounded.

On April 30, we made our downtown SB debut, at the Wildcat Lounge—complete with ironic groupie shirts and synchronized dance moves.

That about covers it for notable anniversaries (at least the decade-markers). Not too many coming up for many many moons...

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Mapping Every Mojo Wire & Honey White Gig
Recent (and upcoming!) band milestone stuff belatedly made me realize I could plot every Mojo Wire and Honey White gig on Google Maps (about 50 from 1996-2006):

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Ten YEARS Man! (Del Playa Edition)
Set: Unprofessional - Heart On A Platter - So Cold - One Last Hallelujah - The Shivering Sand - Mercy Rule - Windward Mark - I Fly Free - Pisces Lullabye - The Sandman - Been Around The World - My Second Shipwreck - How Far Away - Fatal Flaws - The Lightning Rod - Lover You Should Have Come Over

This was only our 10th show- the 2nd in a trio of good gigs surrounding the release of our debut "My Band Rocks" CD- but by that point we were a well-oiled machine (more than a few of this show's songs ended up on our first live CD 2 months later). Like all the 2002 shows, this one was made of a mix of Honey White songs, Mojo Wire songs, a few covers (Cracker, Buckley, Cash), and a few instrumental jams while tuning up.

This show is full of Fun Facts. Figured I should make up for the dearth of them in the other posts, so here you go:

1) As Bryn says a few times into the mic, this show set a new Honey White record for broken strings; the moisture in the ocean air snapped 3 of Brian's and 2 of Bryn's. We definitely made "Unprofessional" our theme song.

2) We actually attempted to play a fast punky version of Bryn's "Sandman" ballad.

3) Both Bryn and I shot our mouths off way too much. This recording is worth listening to just for that. It got so bad that even Bill felt compelled to join in. I think we were all finding ways of dealing with the extreme cold, but I for one was characteristically verbose, and miraculously only embarassed myself. Still, we got in shots for South Park, Back to the Future, "ass pants," and who knows what else. Oh, and there were 3 kegs. Surely that had something to do with it. As usual, Brian proved his genius by keeping quiet.

4) Which reminds me- it was balls-ass freezing, but then what did we expect for a November outside/oceanside D.P. gig? There was condensation on everything and it's amazing we weren't electrocuted.

5) I could be wrong, but I think this is when Shaun Snyder began announcing his prescence at shows with a big baritone "Honey WHITE" shout out.

6) Oh, here's me looking like an idiot again- I was so caught up in the show that I didn't notice Emily getting hit on by a random drunk guy.

7) Tyler came up all the way from UCSD and all he got was a T-shirt.

8) I was less than 1 month away from quitting my job and becoming uselessly unemployed for 18 months. No wonder I got crazy on the mic.

Alas, there is no photographic proof of any of this, but I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it's all true. Plus it's a classic Honey White show, glistening in pristine 24-bit digital audio. Or something like that. Enjoy! (mp3s via archive.org)

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The History Mix 2012, Round 4

A brilliant woman called me a rock star yesterday. That's all I really need in life.

I've decided to celebrate by centering This Week in Youtube on ME. First up, my shouty vocals in the Mojo Wire's classic stomper from 2001:

Next, my bass drives one of Honey White's best 2004 studio takes, where Brian and Bryn get to freak out with effects on a song with no chorus. Billy holds it all together, and amazingly it works:

The last two this week are kind of fun. Sometime in 2005, Honey White jammed out on one of Brian's many epic guitar riffs. It didn't go anywhere, so I altered it a bit and ambient-ified it in 2008 for my book soundtrack…

…and then in 2010, with Radblaster, Bryn turned it into this:

I think next week will be the last week of this silliness. That'll be five free songs from each band on Youtube at that point. Still left to do there, however, is update Honey White's old, low-quality gig videos from 2003/4.

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"The Lightning Rod" Echo-Bass Solo

So I lied—no new videos from all four bands. Instead you get me playing solo:

Put my new(ish) Fender Modern Player Jazz bass through its paces with some old riffs from the epic Honey White song. Kind of a sloppy take but I hadn't played this tune with echo in about 8 years. The guitar is sent through an old Boss DD-3 echo pedal, to a Bassman amp.

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The History Mix 2012, Round 3

Chose an all-instrumental group of tunes this time for some reason:

We'll bring back all the singers next week, I guess. And I mean ALL the singers.

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The History Mix 2012, Round 2

Three of this week's four tunes get flaunted a lot, but that's because they're just that good. The Low Tide one isn't too shabby either—it just has to build up to it:

I could do this every week for the rest of the year...but I won't.

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The History Mix 2012, Round 1

Follow-up to last night's Mojo Wire post with some Honey White, Low Tide, and Radblaster youtubes:

I think I'll do this every weekend for a while. At least until I can finish another @$&*(%#ing song lyric.

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